The Staff at Highwater Tackle are committed to helping you in as many ways as possible thus we offer a wide range of angling related services. Whether you are brand new to the sport or flush with angling experience we are here to assist.


Bulk Line Spooling

The procedure is simple, bring your reel or reels into the store and we will remove your old line and replace it with one of the quality lines that we stock on bulk spools. Bulk spooling allows us to properly fill your reel and do so without waste. Packaged filler spools are convenient when you and your reel are temporarily separated. That said, it is always annoying to utilize 200 yards of a 250 yard spool, you’ve paid for that unused 50 yards, it’s usually too heavy for use as leader material and invariably ends up in the garbage. We bulk spool Maxima, Berkley, Fireline, Stren, Tuf-Lne braid, Suffix Braid, Spiderwire, Stealth Braid, Downrigger Braid and Fly line backing. Bulk spooling = less waste +less cost +less work+ less line twisting+ less aggravation.

St. Jean’s Cannery

St Jean Cannery and SmokehouseWe have been affiliated with St. Jean’s Cannery for many years now and remain proud to be their North Shore depot. St. Jean’s offers a wonderfully unique service. On a weekly basis a St. Jean’s truck collects sport caught fish that anglers have brought to the store. A processing form accompanies each order to the St. Jean’s plant in Nanaimo B.C. where your catch of the day is transformed into any number of tasty products. Processing services include canning, wood smoking, candied hot smoke, lox, and steaking, filleting and vacuum-packing. We have three large freezers which store out going fish as well as completed orders returned and ready for customer pick-up.

Please keep in mind St. Jean’s does require a minimum of 8lbs for each processing service. We also ask that any fish delivered to the store be wrapped, bagged (not leaking), and NOT on ice as we are first and foremost a retail store catering to the shopping public.

Downrigger Repair

Scotty Downrigger Repair - North VancouverHighwater is a certified Scotty Downrigger repair center and each year we work on a significant number of downriggers. We are sanctioned by Scotty Manufacturing to compete both warranty and non-warranty repair work on Scotty Downriggers. Our extensive part’s inventory allows us to deal with pretty much any problem that arises. With respect to “Do it yourself” repairs I urge all downrigger owners to carefully examine the Scotty Limited Lifetime Downrigger Warranty. If unaware, you may unknowingly void your downrigger’s warranty. Please keep in mind that the Scotty Limited Lifetime Downrigger Warranty applies only to the original owner and downriggers must be registered with Scotty prior to being serviced. At present an extensive downrigger serial number data base is being compiled. We have a full selection of Scotty accessories and in the unlikely event we find ourselves short on stock a correction is usually made within a day.

Rod and Reel Repair

We Provide both rod and reel repair services to help you get back on the water as soon as possible. In most cases rods and reels can be serviced in house although special circumstances may require us to return reels to a manufacturer, have specialty parts ordered in or ship reels to authorized service repair depot. If you have any repair questions please feel free to drop by the store or give us a call. We will make every effort to be of assistance.

Custom Rod Building

Custom Rod Building

Dave is no stranger to custom rod building; he’s been sanding and shaping cork for many years. Although his time is limited, the slower season (Jan /February/March) does provide him with the opportunity to engage in a variety of custom projects. You may contact Dave directly through email or phone regarding custom rod questions and the purchase of blanks. If you are interested in building rods yourself Dave is more than happy to guide you through the process or help with particular steps when assistance is required. We regularly carry a good inventory of guides, tip tops, reel seats, butt boxes, thread, polymer, cork, winding checks, mixing cups, hook keepers and blanks. If we don’t have it, ask, as we can probably get it!

Custom Rod Building - HIghwater Tackle

Highwater has a wonderful working relationship with Brian Babcock of Babcock Custom Rods Ltd .We not only carry Brian’s precision built custom Sage rods, we regularly solicit Mr. Babcock’s help when specialize custom rod building is required.

“There are few to whom I would entrust a Highwater Tackle custom rod build order, Brian Babcock is without a doubt, one of those few”