Simms Fishing Waders - North Vancouver

Our beautiful Province is renowned for its spectacular weather and dramatic climatic variation thus Highwater carries a wide range of outdoor apparel. If you are in the market for new waders we have a selection of breathable, neoprene, rubber and vinyl styles to choose from.

Simms Waders

Simms professes to be the leader in wader wear and offers a line-up which includes several styles of Gore-Tex waders, a family of products proven to offer the ultimate in breathability. Spending a lot of time in the belly boat or fishing up North? You might want to take a look at some of the neoprene options offered by Bare, a brand which has proven durability and longevity. For more economical options we also carry some rubber hip waders and vinyl chest waders. We have a large selection of sizing so we can get you into the right pair.

Several years ago we made a conscientious decision to broaden our selection women’s Wading products. In an attempt to properly fit smaller narrower foot sizes and more contoured body shapes I sourced out a few brands that have done a wonderful job of producing a variety of women specific products. Simms, Bare and Redington offer families of waders, outerwear or boots solely designed for Women fishers. Whether it be waders, boots or jackets Highwater is dedicated to maintaining a good selection of sizing in each category.

We have all been out on the water in the relentless, cold, pounding, pouring rain and no one can deny that your best friend in those situations is a reliable rain jacket. Highwater stocks wading jackets from Simms and Bare in a range of features and styles. Depending on what you are looking for and what you need in a jacket we can help you find it. Simms has marketed a longer style jacket and a durable bibbed pant under their ProDry line of outerwear. These products are ideal for the Saltwater angler who spends a considerable time fully exposed the wrath of our coastal environment.

Wading Boots - North Vancouver

Highwater stocks a large selection of boots from Simms, Korkers, Caddis, and Redington. Whether you’re looking for the interchangeable soles of the Korkers or the Vibram sole of a sturdy pair of Simms we have the size. We also have the necessary boot accessories such as Simms Hardbite or Aluminum studs and replacement laces. Going somewhere a bit warmer? We also stock Simms flats boots and sneakers which are specially designed for coral or sandy bottoms.

Looking awesome might be wonderful but it pales in importance when compared to keeping warm? Don’t worry we have that covered as well (pun intended). We carry base layers for warmth and insulating layers to lock in the heat. Classic fleece layers and the increasingly popular merino wool pieces are well represented our selection of apparel. In terms of keeping the feet warm we have tons of socks, liners, and wet wading booties, each designed to facilitate maximum comfort.

Coldwater Weather and Flats Gloves

It is easy to name the typical items you need on a day out on the water but people often forget one of the most important tools of the trade, polarized sunglasses. The reduction of glare that polarized sunglasses provide can be a major factor in the day’s success or lack thereof. Forget your glasses on a bright sunny day and you’re effectively blinded; the difference between having polarized eyewear and finding yourself without is simply a classic night and day comparison. Don’t dismiss the functional importance of a good pair of polarized sunglasses. In an effort to provide varied price points we carry both Optic Nerve and Maui Jim polarized sunglasses. A particularly popular component our sunglass inventory would most certainly be our Maui Jim Readers. Magnification married with polarization. It just doesn’t get any better than this Come in and try some on today! Eyewear accessories such as lanyards and lens cleaners are also available.