– Returns or exchanges will only be considered when accompanied with the proper paper work! Credit Card, Debit and Cash register receipts must be provided. This request ensures that processing fees levied against Highwater Tackle are accounted for and included in any return transaction. (On occasion, special circumstances may exist and must be approved by Dave)

Freshwater Licences

– In the Province of B.C the generation or renewal of a Freshwater Fishing License
(Non-Tidal) is all about the Anglers Number. If you have processed a B.C. Freshwater Angling Licence in the last 3 years you will be registered in the Government data base. This number is your Password for renewal and provides access to all the personal information required to issue, replace or enhance your Freshwater (Non-Tidal) fishing Licence.

– When Renewing your Freshwater Licence you must provide the Vendor with
Your Anglers Number. Without said number issuing agencies do not have the capability of retrieving this data, BC privacy laws prohibit vendors for accessing your private information. If you’ve lost or misplaced your number you must call the Government’s Anglers Help line (1-877-855-3222) and request that your # Number will be provided.

¬- If you’re purchasing a Freshwater Licence for the first time a 7 digit Anglers
Number will be generated and all that’s mentioned above becomes applicable.

Helpful Hints relating to Angling Licences

– Given your Angling Number is clearly printed on your Licence make an effort to retain this document and provide it to the vender at the time of renewal.
– At minimum record you anglers # and store it in a location other than your wallet
– Record your Angler number in your Smart Phone
– Give your local tackle store permission to store a digital copy of your Licence in a PDF file Format
– Tattoo your anglers # on your forehead

Hunting Licences

Given that a significant percentage of our angling patrons both enjoy and engage in a variety of shooting sports Highwater Tackle continues to issues Hunting Licences, Special Area permits and Species tags. Understanding that the present method of issuing a Hunting Licence is both archaic and time consuming we ask that you be patient and wait for a staff member that’s free

– In order to obtain a Special Area Licence you must provide a current Insurance
Policy showing that the applicant possesses Public Liability and Property damage coverage of $1,000,000 or greater

– As a Hunting Licence Vendor we must see a physical copy of a legible Government issued Hunters Number Card at the time of licence issuance.
(The fact that the Hunter’s number is written on an expired licence will not be accepted) Vendor’s that issue hunting licences without visually examining a valid Hunters Number Card can face Federal criminal prosecution.
– In Summary – If you come to purchase a Hunting Licence without a physical
Hunters Number Card in your hand we will not issue be issuing you a
Hunting Licence
– Arrive with the appropriate documentation and we will be assist you in every manner possible

St. Jean’s Cannery

Recognizing we are a St Jeans Drop-Off Depot we ask our patrons to understand that first and foremost we are a retail entity. Thought our Staff lives and breaths all that are fish and fishing we do take exception to being unnecessarily slimmed on a hot and muggy summer’s day. Please ensure that all fish are dressed (cleaned) and packaged in a manner that facilitates a dry and mess free transfer from your hands to our freezers.

– Do not bring leaky coolers or oozing bags into the premise
– Provide the all the necessary credit card information with your order
– ( no COD’s)
– During the summer months please call the store (604-986-3239) prior to dropping off any amount of Salmon. By doing so you will do one of two things (a) secure space in the freezer or (b) save yourself a trip.

Scotty Downrigger Repairs

In addition to any Warranty Approved work completed a fee of $15 will be levied on all downriggers serviced or repaired by Highwater Tackle Ltd.

All not-Warranty work will be billed at a shop rate of $30 per hour (1/2 hour min.) and required parts will be charged-out per Scotty’s retail parts price list.

Regardless of ownership history unregistered downriggers will not be covered by Scotty’s Warranty, Please make your self aware of your responsibilities as it pertains Scotty’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Though we always do our best to repair downriggers ASAP same day of overnight service should not be expected.