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Steelhead - Dave SteeleHighwater Tackle Ltd has serviced B.C. anglers from its North Vancouver location for more than 28 years.

Our longevity is the product of a conscientious staff, a wonderfully diverse patronage and a lifetime of relationships. As an entity in the ever changing world defined as the Recreational Sport Fishing Industry Highwater Tackle Ltd has maintained a presence that is a strong as it has ever been. Our positive corporate identity is defined by the recommendations of those that we have assisted in the past, those we are currently assisting, and those we have yet to assist.

Those who’ve pursued a career in the world of recreational sport fishing would be the first to admit that involvement in the industry is pure and simply a lifestyle choice.

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Our Commitment

Dave SteeleFor 28 years I’ve operated my business on the simplest of principles, a premise defined by congeniality, honesty and a commitment to service. For close to three decades I’ve successfully conducted business utilizing a philosophy that embraces explanation and the provision of choice. I’m of the belief that within the parameters of educated advice and applicable product it is the job of any sales person to provide a range of alternatives, choices that represent a scope of quality and a range of price points. Though it may seemingly contradict the entrepreneurial code, I have little interest in over-selling or challenging the budgetary allowance of anyone. As a provider of tackle our success is bases on consumer well being and satisfaction. When said commitment is exercised shop success is a given. Admittedly our mandate is selfish, by earning your trust we hope to create an enduring rapport, a relationship characterized by longevity and mutual growth. The more we understand your needs the better we’ll become at delivering customized service. Highwater Tackle sells a broad variety of quality products, a line of products we proudly stand behind. Though warranties vary with respect to scope and degree of liability, rest assured that our staff will work arduously to keep you in the game. As fishermen we understand the urgency of being without.

Highwater Tackle

The staff at Highwater Tackle represents a collection of dedicated anglers, though a high degree of angling experience has been appreciated by all, each member excels in his or her own area of expertise. Questions relating to every aspect of fly-fishing, gear fishing, spin casting, saltwater angling, custom rod building, fly tying, downrigger maintenance or current fishery opportunities should be asked.

Highwater Tackle

It should be noted that even though we’re good your likely to stump us every once in a while, when you do, our staff will freely admit defeat. Our next step will involve finding the appropriate answer. Rest assured if we don’t know we’ll make the effort to become more educated.

If you’re searching for a particular Item that we don’t carry, give us the opportunity to track down what you’re looking for. We have several large distributors waiting for our call and each is capable of shipping items in a very timely manner Remember, our ability to service goes far beyond that which we are physically ability to inventory.